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CANYON Wired Keyboard, 104 keys, USB2.0, Black, cable length 1.3m, 443*145*24mm, 0.37kg, Bulgarian

CANYON Keyboard CNE-CKEY01 (BG layout)This simple and edgy model has been ergonomically designed to ..

17.30лв. Без данък: 17.30лв.

Wired Chocolate Standard Keyboard ,105 keys, slim design with chocolate key caps, 1.5 Meters cable length,Size34.2*145.4*27.2mm,450g BG layout

  Разположение на устройството:Външен Технология на свързване:Wired Интерфейс:USB Брой бутони:10..

19.32лв. Без данък: 19.32лв.

wired keyboard with Silent switches ,105 keys,black, 1.5 Meters cable length,Size 442*142*17.5mm,460g,BG layout

Keyboard - the Velvet tread seriesHKB-20This wired keyboard from the new Velvet Click series will be..

24.71лв. Без данък: 24.71лв.

CANYON USB standard KB, water resistant BG layout bundle with optical 3D wired mice 1000DPI black

Classic Wired Combo Set - Keyboard And Mouse This cozy wired combo set contains a full-size keybo..

25.80лв. Без данък: 25.80лв.

CANYON Multimedia wired keyboard, 105 keys, slim and brushed finish design, white backlight, chocolate key caps, BG layout (black)

CNS-HKB2Ultra slim keyboard with side LED lightsThis ultra slim wired keyboard with chocolate-like k..

26.89лв. Без данък: 26.89лв.

Wireless Chocolate Standard Keyboard ,105 keys, slim design with chocolate key caps,black ,Size34.2*145.4*27.2mm,440g BG layout

Wireless multimedia keyboardKB-W50This keyboard model allows you to work with a computer or laptop w..

27.95лв. Без данък: 27.95лв.

Wireless keyboard with Silent switches ,105 keys,black,Size 442*142*17.5mm,460g,BG layout

Wireless keyboard - the Velvet tread seriesHKB-W20This wireless keyboard from the new Velvet Click s..

30.13лв. Без данък: 30.13лв.

Wireless combo set,Wireless keyboard with Silent switches,105 keys,BG layout,optical 3D Wireless mice 100DPI black

Wireless combo set Velvet tread – keyboard and mouseSET-W20An incredibly convenient set that embodie..

37.69лв. Без данък: 37.69лв.

Multimedia bluetooth 5.1 keyboard MAC Version,104 keys, slim design with low profile silent keys,US layout ,Size 439.4*135.3mm* 23.2mm,526g - По Запитване